Application Services

Every organization breaths and moves through its functions. Each function needs to work smoothly on its own, and cohesively with other functions for an organization to grow. It is now an established factor that automation or applying IT over each of the processes that reflect a function or across functions is an indispensable aspect of this smooth and cohesive functioning. Right from Enterprise Resources Planning software to portals, and mobile applications, the key to success is understanding the industry, process and function, and applying the right technology to make it work effectively.

We offer the following services:

Business Analytics

More and more customers, who had earlier invested in systems like ERP, CRM have now becoming aware that business data is right in their IT backyards. What they need is to build progressive insights with the information they have, which will help them decision making. With more and more customers engaging through social media, it becomes imperative to accumulate data silos to build customer insights.

Operational and strategic data, extracted, transformed, loaded and modeled, becomes the base for creating analytical models. Euruscorp offers consulting, tool management and operations in the areas of Data warehousing and Business Analytics.


Our services offerings are:

IT Infrastructure Services

No application can perform well without a robust and ready infrastructure services. Infrastructure is the base with which the entire organization works on. However, at what cost? The need for creating a balance in what is needed to have a high performing, responsive and resilient application vs. leveraging the optimal technology platform for infrastructure can be delivered only when one understands both sides of the coin. At Euruscorp, we will bring a set of services relevant to this objective.

Professional Services

We offer quality consultants who meet your need – on a time and material basis or on a service level basis. Our consultants will work at your premises during the contract period.

We offer professional services in the following areas: